Use smart devices

in the smartest way.

Take control of the technology use in your class simply and powerfully with ClassPolicy.

ClassPolicy empowers you to lead, direct and launch apps, documents and websites on your students' Windows 7 and 8 devices-and block those that may distract.

ClassPolicy is a product of AssistX Education, LLC, winner of the Microsoft 2013 U.S. Education Rising Star Award.
Gauge understanding by polling students throughout the lesson.
Orchestrate your class by automating the sequence of your lesson plan.
Promote sharing of student work by using Office365 products.
Simplify everyday tasks like disseminating file to your students.
Eliminate distractions by restricting web and application access
Administer tests compliant with a variety of standardized testing requirements including Common Cost State Standards.

ClassPolicy costs $5/student/year with volume discounts available. Teacher accounts are complimentary.