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ClassPolicy is a simple, secure and powerful
classroom orchestration software for Windows devices.

ClassPolicy has been incredibly beneficial in my classroom.

Kindergarten teacher
Kent School District

Technically, the product is brilliant with the integration to Office 365 and OneNote along with the Microsoft SDS solution, functionally, the product respects the classroom environment – together this makes an ideal solution.

IT Operations Manager
Riverview School District

If you are looking to control
what your students are seeing
and working with, ClassPolicy is
the best thing to use.

LAUSD, Kindle the Passion Academy

James Madison
Middle School


Hear the story of how ClassPolicy is changing classroom management at James Madison Middle School.

ClassPolicy offers…


Quick and Easy Deployment

Simplify deployment and get ClassPolicy up and running quickly with Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS). Read a case study on how Riverview School District utilized SDS to deploy ClassPolicy here.

Classroom Orchestration

Launch website and apps used in class directly onto student screens and restrict those that distract. Embrace differentiated instruction and project based learning with our Grouping feature. Reliably monitor student activity via our screen sharing feature that minimizes network load.
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OneNote Class Notebook Integration

Manage your OneNote Class Notebook collaboration space from within ClassPolicy. Easily create groups and manage group permissions. Read more in our guest post on the Microsoft OneNote Blog